10 Reasons why your business needs a mobile application

Mobile devices have become an important part of the lives of most of people around the world. On average, a person is reported to spend roughly three hours a day on their phones or other portable devices. The more and more businesses are adapting the mobile devices, the businesses are finding ways to get nearer to the customers and know them better. This extensive usage of mobile devices has changed the way businesses operate around the globe

Previously it was believed that only big businesses and large organizations can make use of mobile applications and as for the small ones, they are simply do not have as much utility. However, in recent years, a large amount of small business owners have resorted to customized mobile application based solutions to make their business operations better and efficient.

Those who have already opted to go for mobile applications are certainly better off than those who did not. This is because having a custom app can optimize a business’ sales and marketing.

How can mobile apps benefit small business owner? Here are a few of the many benefits of mobile apps for the small businesses.

1.    Convenient Purchase Cycle

Mobile has been the fastest means to buy something. They are even more effective than the mobile websites. This from the business’ perspective means more sales revenue and hence profit which would eventually lead to business growth.

Having a customized mobile app for your business makes it easier for the customer go through the entire sales process by guiding them on each step. In addition, if you have payment systems integrated with the apps this makes it even more convenient for the customer to place the order. As a result, your customer gets a streamlined buying experience which translates into higher sales and reduced customer facilitations costs.

2.    Stand Out From Competition

Despite having immense benefits, usage of mobile apps amongst the small business owners is still rare. Business still hesitate in developing mobile application for their business even though they enable them to gain a deep understanding of customers’ preferences and buying habits. These days customers love buying though their mobile phone and tablets. Therefore, you should be the first one in the area to offer your clients a user-friendly application to provide them with a comprehensive experience. This would increase the customers engagement and hence the conversion and client retention.

3.    Be Noticeable

The application downloaded in a user’s phone constantly reminds them about you, your business and the products. Your app is always there even when they are not using it. Users will notice the icon every time they unlock the phone and as per human psychology, the brain retains everything it sees even if it was done unconsciously.

4.    Display Products 24/7

A dedicated mobile app serves as a showroom for your products which is open 24/7. This provides a virtual outlet where customers would find all your products in one place. This also reduces the maintenance and other costs of running a physical store. On the other hand, even if you already have a store, your average cost per sale would be lower on the app.

5.    Increase Sales

Increased customer involvement ensures increased conversions and sales. It also helps the businesses retain the customers. Mobile applications outperform all sales tactics and tools when it comes to selling the products to a highly targeted audience.

6.    Direct Communication Channel

Mobile applications also serve as a communication tool between you and the customer. Some most used types of communication tools are news, help desk, booking forms, personal accounts etc. Such features enable the business owners to constantly stay in touch with their customers and provide them with the required information such as special offers and tailored ads. Push notifications also serve as a medium to keep customers updated with the latest events and offers and remind them of your products and services.

7.    Application Adds To The ROI

In order to increase the return on investment, a custom-built app can be easily transformed from a sales tool to a great source of revenue. You can ask for a price for the application or offer in app advertising. In addition, you can offer some features only to the premium customers who subscribe to your paid features.

8.    Digitalize Individual Approach

Mobile applications certainly change the way your business interacts with the customers or the way your customers interact with your business. Have you ever thought if the customers would rather text you then call? Actually the truth is, more customers would prefer to make an appointment or place an order just by clicking rather than making a phone call.

If you want to go a step further, you can make the customers forget about collecting and carrying discount cards or coupons by offering reward collection schemes on your mobile apps only. This would not only reduce their effort but also be appreciated for being an environmentally friendly initiative.

9.    Customer Loyalty From Better Customer Service

Nothing pleases the customers more than when a business takes care about their convenience. Whatever your products are, improved customer service will increase your brand equity. Everyone has little time to spare these days, and if you are saving even a little of the customer’s time, they will be more than happy to shop with you or avail your services. A satisfied customer is a loyal customer and he or she will spread the word about your excellent services.

10.   Better Analytics

One of the best advantages of having mobile applications is that it enables you to easily collect the customers’ data. You can track their demographics, their buying behavior, and interest in order to provide them with custom offers. On a wider scale, it will give you an insight on what products are most popular. These analytics based on the data can help you provide more customer centric services.


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