Advantages of Using Amazon Web Services for Cloud Computing

With the rapid changes and advancements in technology business executives and companies have started facing many challenges regarding the sharing and storage of their data with the existing IT infrastructure. This is because the speed with which these changes are introduced in this industry, it has become almost impossible for anyone to keep up with it. This has created the demand of using up-to-date technology and software that are able to adapt and deliver on time.

One of the most recent update in this industry that has proved to be beneficial for companies when it comes to data storage is the use of cloud computing. Recently a growing trend has been noticed where businesses have started moving their IT infrastructure to cloud which has given these cloud computing services and providers more expanded options than ever before.

It allows its users to stay on top of their game by providing them storage and shared computing options that are effective. It reduces the burden of businesses that previously had to own and operate their own server and IT infrastructure.

Most of the organization and businesses now have at least one of their applications in the cloud if not the whole system, but with the current acceptance rate the trend doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.

Although there are various providers of public cloud service space but when it comes to the best nothing can beat Amazon Web Services (AWS) who provides companies with the option to avail shared computing and other resources more efficiently and effectively.

Because of it being a classic for cloud computing, we have highlighted some of the most basic benefits and advantages that Amazon Web Service (AWS) is able to provide to manage their applications on cloud. The Benefits of Using AWS for Cloud Computing are:


The powerhouse of cloud has a huge variety of documentations and tutorials available on their site which proves to be a treasure of knowledge when it comes to getting started with Amazon Web Service (AWS). It has made the transition phase of moving from existing IT infrastructure and on-site storage to the cloud computing and shared computing network simple because of AWS and the amount of investments that have been made in its trainings and education.

Further, Amazon Web Service offers a partner network that helps its customers in designing, building, managing, and migrating their applications and its work from existing networks and IT infrastructure to AWS. This partner network is made up of professional firms that offer their services in this regard.


What every business looks for, be it a startup or a large enterprise, is that how can they save money by investing in such options that are cost-effective. What has been noticed by many businesses is that they can only save if they leverage the service that their business needs at any given time.

Amazon Web Service offers competitive pricing which is basically a fraction of the cost that is offered by on-premises solutions. These costs can be compared by running the applications together side by side in an on-premises environment and on Amazon Web Service.

AWS also gives you the option of consuming only the amount of storage and IT resources that you need which releases you form the burden of any long-term commitments or requirements of up-front investments.


One of the best advantages of using Amazon Web Service is that it provides the flexibility of moving from your existing IT infrastructure to cloud. It has all the services and resources that are required whether to optimize your IT infrastructure or to migrate from another cloud service. The AWS is designed in such a way that its model supports scaling resources to applications and quickly adding and subtracting them according to the need and demand of the customer and to manage costs.

This releases you and your business from any kind of tensions related to capacity issues or when there is a need to fluctuate which is why you should avoid provisioning resources up-front for projects that have short life durations and offer variable consumption rates.


With Amazon Web Service being used by big names like Nasdaq, Dow Jones, PBS, and many others it is a clear indication that how these companies trust AWS because of the secure cloud service that it offers.

AWS conducts regular and thorough audits to ensure the security of its infrastructure which is one of its priorities which allows it to ensure that its users and clients are safe from potential data hacks and leaks. It builds and delivers services that are in compliance to the industry’s best practices and most strict rules. AWS also has many well-recognized compliance certifications that ensures its security and adheres to privacy laws from around the world.


By using Amazon Web Service you are actually releasing yourself from the duty of housing an internal IT infrastructure where you need to own and operate your servers. This also results in a huge amount of cost-savings where now you are not responsible to hire IT support staffs which will help save your company time and money in the long term which is beneficial for you.


Amazon is famous for being one of the innovative companies in the world. Its dedication is what has allowed them to win various customers from all over the world and not their competitive pricing. Because of this their customer base is still growing.

Global Leader

Amazon Web Services operates in 190 countries and supports over a million active customers. They count some the largest and smallest businesses in the world as their customers, and even service the public sector.

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