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We provide full support solutions for your web and mobile applications.  maintenance and support for your websites and mobile applications is important, we offer the flexibility that you need to ensure your technology is running smoothly. Our experts will help you with software issues of any complexity level such as standard issue fixing, proactive monitoring, source code issue resolution, application code optimization, new functionality realization, etc.

We provide complete maintenance services including technology consulting, security audit, server management, OS versions update, application licenses check, resources availability & performance control. Our engineers revise the current state of your web or mobile application, analyze its performance for possible bugs, and work out improvement plans to ensure better functionality and performance of your software products.

What does our experience get you?

We continue to grow from our past experiences and use our industry knowledge to provide a high-level of maintenance and optimization for all our clients. We provide your business a stable foundation to build success by providing routine bug fixes, performance tuning, scheduled code audits and performance and functional testing.

Our application maintenance & support services include:

Software support

Application Maintenance

Application Improvements

Software audit and monitoring

Application Takeover & Maintenance

Our experts can customize, re-engineer and enhance your current software solution. From optimizing your current code to adding integrated services to an existing application application we focus on providing you with stable high performing technology solutions. Never sacrifice the future by not allowing your solutions to scale with your business. Every solution we provide is designed to provide your business with the ability to scale into the future. Our team will make sure your application has a strong foundation and is ready to pass compliance and is prepared for the future.

Why Choose QORDEV?

Qordev is a custom software and business analytics company headquartered in Las Vegas, NV. Our teams primary focus is to help companies exceed their technology and Internet Marketing goals. We offer support to early stage startups, established businesses and entrepreneurs to help build strong technology ecosystems focused on their specific industry challenges.

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