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Building a solid technology foundation is fundamental for success

Creating Strong Foundations

Whats under the hood is the most important part of your technology solution. This is where we have your back. Like a great mechanic, we fine tune and make sure your engines are always running at top perforce. Our experience with back-end development comes from 9 years as a software company working with over 400 applications and systems worldwide. Your success is our mission and make sure you get the right experienced developer(s) for the job.

The reality is – without a reliable foundation, your product cannot exist and function to customer expectations.

Integration with all areas of your Business

Key priorities for web back-end & application development are security, accuracy, redundancy, and of course performance! We ensure that your business has a solid foundation by providing expertise in Database Management, External Integration, Microservice Architecture, Advanced Caching Rules, Database & Data Structure and more.

Our Back-End Development experience includes:

Looking to Solve a Problem? 

Are you looking for smart, forward-thinking problem solvers to join your team? Our world-class engineers are ready to get things started. We build most of our systems on open-source technology using Java, Spring, Elastic Search, EC2, and more. Let us help you figure out what else your technology solution needs.  Our Software Engineers will develop a mix of new features for your business, as well as investigating cutting-edge technologies to make your application perform better, more robust, and able to handle more transactions, or simply provide a better customer experience.

Why Choose QORDEV?

Qordev is a custom software and business analytics company headquartered in Las Vegas, NV. Our teams primary focus is to help companies exceed their technology and Internet Marketing goals. We offer support to early stage startups, established businesses and entrepreneurs to help build strong technology ecosystems focused on their specific industry challenges.

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