Collecting customer reviews for your business

Customer reviews are one of the most important factors in the brand equity of the business, whichever industry you belong to. Whether you are offering tangible products, services or selling software products, customer reviews would be equally important to you and would ensure a better business.

Similarly, for all mobile application development companies, positive customer reviews are a key determinant of new customer acquisition and business growth. In today’s age only a very few customers would be influenced by just the advertisements. Now more and more importance is given to what feedback the existing customers are giving. Moreover, in business-to-business transactions –such as mobile app development- the client feedback becomes even more important.

Even the top mobile app company would rely on the customer review to gain more customers. This is because in today’s technological age, it has become easier for the customers or clients to voice their opinions. This has lead to more and more customers resorting to reviews before making a purchase whether it is a product or a service.

Every two out of three customers, admitted that they include reviews as a significant factor while making their final purchases decision. This is the reason why competent, honest reviews on the different platforms on the internet can also serve as an effective marketing channel. Just like products, when choosing service providers, most people rely heavily on the opinions and reviews given by the people whom the company has already served in the past or are its customer presently.

Therefore, it should be one of the priorities of your app development companies too, to collect great reviews from your customer s to help transform the prospective a customer into returning customer. But what can you do to collect those reviews? If you are looking for ways to collect good reviews from the clients, this is what you need to do.

Simply ask customers for a review

As the transaction draws towards closing, you need to remind your customers to give you a review. If you fail to do so, it is highly likely that they will not bother to go online and write something on their own, unless they were very satisfied. People these days are busy and someone running a business would be more, enough not to remember leaving a review. As a mobile app development company, you need to find out the customers that you have good relations with, and request them to give you a feedback on your services. One of the best ways you can do this is by sending them an email. Prepare a good pitch, in a few sentences, tell them why their opinion matters and how will it benefit them in future when you improve your services.

Keep the conversation Simple and Clear

When you ask your customers for a feedback or reviews, you need to keep the conversation as simple as you can. If the service you provided (e.g. app you developed) has a significant distinctive feature, or a special feature, you should not hesitate to ask your customers about those. Additionally, you can ask them to review your company, your team or your services overall and encourage them to mention those special features in the review.

Differentiate the Reviews

Some application development companies also strategically publish positive review they have received from bigger and famous companies. However, this might scare of the smaller businesses looking at your company to hire your services. This is why it is advisable to ask all sorts of customers to review the company–whether they are a large multinational organizations or a small startup- and post them all. This would give confidence to all kinds of customers whether big or small, that they can comfortably hire your services for app development. You obviously do not want to miss any of them.

Your Entire Team is responsible for Feedback collection

Collecting reviews should not be your only goal as your company’s sale and marketing strategies. You are also responsible for getting everyone involved. It might be good idea if every member of the development team was responsible to ask for reviews. This is because the customers have not interacted with the sales or the marketing team. Or even if they have met them, they do not have as strong connection as they have with the developer they were in constant connection with. This constant communication develops a relationship between the customer and the app developer they have been dealing with. A customer is more likely to leave a review if asked by someone they have frequently interacted with and they are comfortable and familiar with.

Deal with the Negative Feedback positively

You as an app development business owner would appreciate positive reviews but some customers are never happy. In such cases, negative reviews become inevitable. But if you are smart, you can use those negative feedback to your company’s advantage rather than becoming outrageous on it. Negative feedback is a good way to improve. Closely observe the areas highlighted in the review and find ways to improve on those areas. Most big and successful companies respond to the negative reviews, you should too. This increases the goodwill and impression of your app development company.

Make Sure You are Mobile-Friendly

It would be rather absurd if a mobile application development company gathers feedback using conventional means rather than a mobile friendly system. Most people spend most of their time on their mobile devices. Therefore, it would become easier for them to leave a feedback or a review if you used a mobile app based feedback-gathering system. A mobile friendly feedback collection system would also make the process more efficient for you and more convenient and easier for your customers.

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