Common Mistakes That Small & Midsize Enterprise Software Companies Make

In today’s technology-driven world, the competition is quite stiff for many new businesses out there. If you are an owner of small or midsize software company, then you are going to have to always make the right decision in order to avoid any big mishap in the market. The market today takes absolutely no prisoners at all. Just one mistake can put a serious dent on your company, and you will have to start all over again.

The reason why many small businesses such as a software companies make so many mistakes is because they put in all the resources that big companies have. Big corporations have departments set up just to analyze their next move. Hundreds of hours of research are done before going ahead with big move. Small software companies on the other hand have to learn from their mistakes.

Here are some of the mistakes that many small or midsize enterprise software companies make:

Insufficient Technical Support

One of the major advantages that big software companies have over the smaller ones is that they have a permanent technical support department. Small software companies have no such thing. Instead, they rely on a talented guy with a minimal knowledge to lead this technical support department. This turns out to be a disaster for many companies, and they end up losing business rapidly.

A dedicated technical support department is necessary for every company. It plays a major role in the growth and expansion of the company. A small software company might have talented group of guys who are good at developing softwares but it doesn’t necessarily mean they will also be good at handling customers and their complaints. An experienced technical support individual will know how to offer support to any type of customer in a professional manner. This strategy will not only help them retain the customers, but it will also help them gain more. Therefore, it is really necessary to have a good technical support team no matter how small the software company is.

Dealing with Poor Hardware

If you are an owner of a small software company, then you may well and truly know that software is just a digital code that requires a physical hardware to run on. If the hardware is not compatible enough to run it, then the software might perform at its best. Many new and small software companies fail to mention the minimum hardware requirements for their software, which causes an outrage among their customers when they face problems. Another problem that usually occurs is that the company does mention the hardware requirements, but a customer with a fairly old hardware uses it and then blames the software for not being on par with the software. To avoid all these problems, the company needs to have a hardware technician on board who can check the hardware of the potential customer before recommending the software to them.

Insufficient Training

Many small software companies mostly start with guys who have less experience because that’s the staff they can afford at the time. In order to enhance the abilities of such staff, there needs to be regular training programs to educate them. Many big corporations hold training exercises every month or so in order to educate the staff members regarding the upcoming software or about any other direction the company is trying to go in. Small companies, however, tend to not focus on formal trainings which costs them a lot in the future.

If you are an owner of a small software company, then you need to hire trainers in order to train the less experienced staff. This method is great way to advance the progress of your company.

Poor Security

How bad it is going to look when people hear that a software company is under attack due to poor computer security? Very bad. Big software companies spend a huge sum of money every year to protect their systems from some of the most dangerous cyber attacks. A cyber attack should never be taken lightly as it is known to have caused billions of dollars of damage since the inception of the Internet.

Small software companies often lack in the security when it comes to cyber attacks. One deadly attack through a virus can cause a significant damage to such companies, and most of them end up losing their business entirely. It is really important to take all necessary security measures in order to protect the company’s data at all costs. One way to do it is by hiring a professional security technician who permanently stays with the company to secure and monitor the network.

Poor Backup Strategies

Many small software enterprises do not have a proper back up strategy in the case of an emergency. Studies suggest that there’s 50% chance that a company might go completely out of business after the loss of data without a proper backup. This is the main reason why big corporations tend to spend a huge chunk of money on having the entire data of the company secured as backup for emergency situations. So if you are an owner of a small software enterprise and you do not want anything to halt the progress of your company, then you need to invest in a good backup strategy.

No Proper Strategy to Deal with Spam Emails

Unsolicited emails or simply spam emails are a serious threat, especially to all the small companies out there. Many companies have reported losses due to poor strategy in dealing with these pest, and many will continue to suffer in the future as well. According to private research group, many businesses lose billions of dollars every year due to failed protection from spam emails. If you want to protect your small software enterprise from losing its valuable money, then you need to hire professional to establish a strategy in order to avoid the damage from spam emails.

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