Technology and Medicine

Medical technology continues to evolve. Don’t fall behind!

An Industry in Transformation

Healthcare industry continues transitioning from volume to value-based care while health professionals look for efficient ways to automate their operations, increase access to information, and improve patient care. Let QOR Development help you transition to new technologies to improve the experience of healthcare.

Safer and secure solutions for Healthcare?

With new emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, the healthcare industry is taking a new look at how information can be shared faster and more secure. These new technologies will improve quality of care and provide a better experience to patients, doctors and administrators. Qordev developers can create healthcare software solutions which will help you streamline clinical workflows, analyze health data, track patient well-being, and deliver personalized care.

We tackle all your Healthcare technology challenges:

Automatic Tracking

Smart Compliance Alerts

Health Insurance Records

Medical Record Management

Scheduling Applications

HIPPAA-Compliant Software Development

Blockchain Integrations

Authentication Security

Telemedicine Applications

Vaulting Sensitive Data

AI Services & Data Science

Our Solutions include:

  • Web Applications
  • CRM Solutions
  • HL7/HIPPA Awareness
  • Performance Optimizations
  • (UX) User Experience Optimization

Experience with Delivering Healthcare Solutions

Over the past few years QOR Development has been working with healthcare innovators to improve the overall automation of service delivery in healthcare sector. The expectations from medical professionals and patients are changing and the need for technical healthcare solutions are required.

At the core of our healthcare application teams is a fundamental understanding of the compliance and regulations these applications must follow, along with strong values of privacy and improving care.

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