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The use of mobile technology is growing rapidly, propel your company into the forefront of this fast growing market segment with professional mobile application development. Technology like smartphones, tablets and wearables are constantly increasing customer adoption and engagement. We help our customer transform their business through new digital channels and cutting-edge mobile applications.

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QOR Development has implemented mobile applications that exceed the needs of our customers for efficiency, reliability and functionality. We focus on increasing user engagement and build innovative solutions tailored for your specific business. We offer high quality development solutions at affordable pricing so your vision is not limited by your budget.

We have expertise in the leading enterprise tools and modern frameworks for mobile app development.

iOS and Android



Apache Cordova







jQuery Mobile

IBM Worklight

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  • iOS and Android development
  • Build on a framework that works for your business
  • Quality Assurance tested
  • Itemized billing

Why does your business need a Mobile App?

Statistics show that the average person spends more than two hours a day on their mobile device and spend 86% of that time interacting with applications. Customers prefer to engage with businesses big and small using mobile apps.

Stand out from your competition. 

Mobile apps for small businesses are still rare, Get ahead of your competition and lead the way. Increase engagement and loyalty by offering customers a mobile app that provides functionality your competition can’t provide.

Unique solutions for your unique business.

Offering cross-platform applications that are engaging starts with understanding your unique business. This process helps us to understand the key challenges and expectations of your specific industry. They also leverage our cross-industry experience to bring better functionalities to your application and customers.

You deserve quality Mobile App Development.

All QOR Development projects are assigned dedicated software developers that have a minimum of 7 years experience and the area of focus that fits with your platform preference. This experience and dedication ensures that your project is completed on time at the highest quality.

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