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There is value in knowing your market and competitors

Understanding your market, its competitors, size of industry, future growth, and target audience will help you expand and grow your business without making critical mistakes. We specialize in gathering the needed information for planning your application and making your technology and marketing choices count. Having a solid understanding of your target audience will help you create and application that has a rich customer experience catered specifically to your industry. The value of creating a strong  customer experience extends throughout every part of your business. How will the application be used by customers? How long until it is used again? What applications are customers installing on their phones? How do you retain customers? These are all questions every business works on every day, we start our approach to building your solution with the customer experience mind and move out from there.

Where are you in the Product Life Cycle?

Regardless of where you are in the Product Life Cycle we can help. We identify the  stages in the life of your products and provide solutions that help extend the life of your product/solutions. Don’t end or replace your product early when it can be extended for a minimal technology investment.

Our Requirements & Market Analysis services include:

Product Development

Business Intelligence

Requirements Writing

Budgeting for a technical team

Market Analysis and Target Marketing

Save time and money with strong requirements!

Our business experts create full requirements plans that are easily understood by your development teams. We create a story of your solution using a combination of use cases, wireframes, and full agile methodologies to create a full 360 degree view of the completed project.

Why Choose QORDEV?

Qordev is a custom software and business analytics company headquartered in Las Vegas, NV. Our teams primary focus is to help companies exceed their technology and Internet Marketing goals. We offer support to early stage startups, established businesses and entrepreneurs to help build strong technology ecosystems focused on their specific industry challenges.

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