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We provide experienced professionals that are dedicated to your success!

Affordable Software Development

Our dedicated developers are experienced professionals who have worked for projects and large companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, CitiBank, PapaJohns, McDonalds, and 40+ successful startups from Silicon Valley. Finding experienced developers is time consuming and expensive. Scale your team faster by using QOR Development dedicated professionals.

How can we help you?

Scale your business quickly and securely with dedicated development professionals from QOR Development. Every dedicated developer has a minimum of 7 years experience with areas of focus in the platform your company prefers. Low-cost dedicated development with high quality standards reduces your investment in one of the most important areas of your business.

Your Dedicated Software Developer includes:

Same time zone as you are with flexible times

Min 7+ years’ experience for all developers

Experienced developers on your preferred platform

On call Support for emergencies

Documentation of all aspects of the application

Excellent Communication

Agile and Scrum trained

Daily status updates

Linux Engineer

Weekly meetings with QOR Development resource management

Account Manager

Applied Quality Control Included

Your Dedicated Software Developer

  • Dedicated Resources
  • 7+ years experience
  • 15-day trial period
  • Works in your Time Zone

Why do you need a dedicated Software Developer?

Finding experienced software developers that fit your business needs is time consuming and costly. Let QOR Development provide experienced software professionals dedicated to your business today. Our developers are dedicated to only your business and not shared across multiple companies.

Scale your team when you need it.

With your dedicated software developers you have the ability to scale as needed. Save time and money by having the flexibility to add and remove resources without negatively impacting your business.

Your software developer on your schedule.

Your dedicated software developer works on your schedule regardless of time zone. No late night calls with development teams, we work on your schedule and are available 24 hours.

You deserve quality software Development.

All QOR Development dedicated software developers have a minimum of 7 years experience and an area of focus that fits with your platform preference. This experience and dedication ensures that your dedicated developer produces at the highest quality.

15 day quality guarantee.

QOR Development understands that not all software developers will fit your company’s business culture. We allow for a 15-day trial period with your dedicated developer to ensure they are a quality and culture fit. With a staff of over 250 we guarantee that you will never be without a dedicated resource.

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