Measurable improvement in quality

Quality Control

Quality Control helps companies achieve additional cost savings over traditional outsourcing because QA is built into every project we do!. Using a collaborative approach we integrate testing and QA services right from the start.

Reduce the risk of IT failures and improve the quality of the product being built by making sure testing is part of your project on day one.

Quality Control

Our Quality Control Services

Functional Testing

Enhance the overall user experience of your product by removing unknown functional bugs prior to launch. Have QOR Development test your system to ensure accurate results related to system bugs & open vulnerabilities.

Performance Testing

Find out if your business is ready for success and your systems are ready to handle the traffic. Let us find out your potential weaknesses so your customers aren't impacted. Is your system ready to scale with success?

Automation Testing

Automate your testing to ensure that new product versions do not break functionality or introduce new bugs to a new or existing system. Reduce time to market and improve quality compared to manual testing,

Performance Engineering & Optimization

Reduce the need to rework and refactor your application in later development cycles by starting QA and performance engineering early. Better performance and a more stable product are a result of having testing as a integral part of the process.

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