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System Analysis and Design

The QOR Development uses The systems development life cycle four-phase model (planning, analysis, design, and implementation) to ensure that your development projects are successful. Our focus also includes systems, processes and technologies best suited for your project and how the components of the system should be implemented and work together.

Our development teams use this knowledge to organize and structure the components of your project and effectively build the systems your business requires.

Our System Analysis and Design Services

System Development

We work using an Agile working model but also us Waterfall incorporate SDLC models based on what is best suited for your project. Project initiation (planning), Requirement Gathering & Analysis, System Design (Mockup and Graphic Design), System Development, Pre-Production Certifications, Deployment, Support and Maintenance are all included to ensure your project is successful.

API Design

Being able to communicate between multiple applications regardless of the platform is critical to any companies success. Let QOR Development build a custom API or integrate with an existing third party API to automate your business and easily scale to meet customer demand.

Website Architecture

Make sure your site is indexed for all search engines in order to maximize your full potential. Don't make the same mistake many businesses make by not prioritizing your website architecture. A simple analysis of your site will help you stay ahead of the competition.

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