Website Development for Tattoo artists

QOR Development designs and develops marketing and e-commerce platforms, custom business applications that ensure your tattoo business is ready to reach customers from around the world. We ensure that as an artist you can focus on your art while we provide solutions that perform to the highest expectations. Obtaining quality web development services shouldn’t be limit your ability to build a lasting brand that reaches potential customers around the world.

We offer short, iterative development cycles that combine ongoing feedback so your project meets your expectations. Every project includes quality assurance testing during the build cycles to ensure you receive the highest quality functioning product possible.

You are your Brand

Never compromise functionality or quality because of price! QOR Development offers the perfect balance of innovation and quality at an affordable cost.

Website Development for Tattoo Artists

Make sure that your website creates a strong first impression to customers looking for a tattoo. A professional looking website helps you capitalize on every first impression made with your customers. A professionally developed website that has a great look, is easy to navigate and has a prime user interface will enhance your personal brand and increase your businesses success in the online marketplace.

Mobile Application Development

The use of mobile technology is growing rapidly and will soon be the main portal of the company-consumer interaction. Professional mobile application development can propel your company into the forefront of this growing market. We provide user-friendly interfaces accessible through all devices and integrate with new technologies in this rapidly changing landscape – all while still establishing reliability through the consumer’s mobile device.

User Experience Design

Creating a tattoo design starts with establishing trust and creating a relationship with your customer. Start establishing that relationship with a user friendly website design. We put time into extensive research and testing to make sure that your design enhances your customer’s experience. Make sure you connect with every potential customer that comes to your site by having an up to date, user-friendly design.

Social Media Integration

Integrate your social media channels like FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter so potential customers are able to see your latest work. Keep your website up to date without having to manually manage changes or updates.

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