The Top Artificial Intelligence Platforms for Development

Computers were initially developed with the objective to solve complex calculations that were not possible with the realms of human minds. Slowly and gradually, digital solutions became a part of different industries, and soon computers served as the main backbone of any business. However, computers were still reliant on humans to perform their tasks.

Thus, mankind realized that it was the time to take technology to the next step and provide computers with ‘intelligence’ that can help them make rational decisions like humans can, and thus limit the need of humans when it comes to micromanaging them. As a result, a new branch of Computer Science called the Artificial Intelligence was created.

Today, businesses are flocking to the AI platforms and technologies as they are using different AI sub-fields like image processing, voice recognition, machine learning, etc., to power their systems and increase productivity. If you are also interested, you have a number of AI platforms equipped with a variety of services on your disposal that can fit your business needs.

Before choosing a platform, you will have to consider your requirements, the services, and the features required so you can compare them with the below-mentioned platforms and come up with a decision.

Amazon ML

Amazon may have started as an e-commerce business, but it has slowly and gradually become one of the largest players in today’s IT world. Amazon’s cloud solution, Amazon Web Services, now entails a variety of services through which a plethora of tasks can be done. Likewise, Amazon boasts ML tools, which are used by companies like Netflix, Pinterest, Tinder, etc., while educational institutions like Carnegie Mellon also use Amazon to power their AI applications.

One of the AI tools provided by Amazon is the Amazon Rekognition that is used for image and video processing. This means that through the provision of the right images or videos, the service will help in the accurate identification of people, objects, text, etc. Similarly, if you are working with the integration of facial recognition, the Rekognition API can be useful for the verification and authentication purposes, particularly for curbing criminal wrongdoings.

Other Amazon AI tools include Amazon Polly that contains natural language processing where texts can be generated into a realistic human speech. Similarly, Amazon Lex is an excellent tool if you are incorporating speech and conversational features in your application.

Microsoft Azure Learning Studio

In Microsoft Azure’s ML Studio, there are services that can help to develop AI and ML solutions for enterprise businesses. These services can help the applications to learn, process, and understand vast amounts of data where they are highly successfully in finding any pattern or arrangement that is not possible to find out for an average human.

Whether you are a beginner in AI or possess extensive experience, Azure ML Studio provides packages for the most common AI-centric languages Python and R. Similarly, the use of AI and ML algorithms has become easy through a list of algorithms that can be integrated to your application through a few clicks.

One of the most prominent applications of the platform is its use of AI to limit fraudulent activities with credit cards. The platform has PCA-Based Anomaly Detection where any unusual consumer habit is detected immediately and any attempt of fraud is caught in time.

The platform can also help to manage customers for businesses where the system will be able to decrease the workload from the resources after the customer churn rate slows down.

IBM Watson

IBM Watson stands out as one of the most powerful AI platform today, which can cater to businesses of all sectors. With IBM Watson, you can create a chatbot. With Watson Assistant, businesses can deliver their services 24/7 without any disruption.

IBM Watson can also be quite helpful to professionals and analysts to extract and find meaning out of their daily data. For example, using Watson’s AI capabilities, it can help security experts working to develop threat intelligence solution detect the patterns of different sophisticated malware by tapping into their code and finding any anomaly.

Likewise, Watson can also help to develop AI-powered solutions that can speak and converse like humans. Thus, they can be deployed for call centers where businesses will be able to address customer concerns even on a Christmas morning when their employees are on a vacation leave.


With Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM in the AI race, it was certainly not possible for Google to remain behind. Google’s TensorFlow can allow developers to work on neural networks whether they have to be deployed in a tablet or they have to be deployed in hundreds and thousands of computers. TensorFlow is particularly aimed at individuals who experiment and work with deep learning extensively.

TensorFlow was used by Connecterra— a Netherlands based AI business that identified and solved a dairy problem in the dairy industry. The team at Connecterra found out that the farmers were unable to get the maximum output from their cows. Some cows used to produce lower quantities of milk due to their health issues. As a result, the whole dairy industry’s potential was limited.

However, with TensorFlow’s support, Connecterra developed an AI-based solution that predicted health issues in cows before they became worse. Additionally, farmers were also provided suggestions by the service, which they could use to improve the health of their cows.

Final Thoughts

In the end, all of the above-mentioned AI solutions are highly powerful and you cannot go wrong with either of them. However, some are better than others in certain scenarios. For example, if you intend to dive into the working and designing of neural networks, then TensorFlow is matchless.

Similarly, if you are a financial service or business, then Microsoft Azure ML Studio can be quite handy. In case, you require personnel to deal with your customers on both your social media and calling platforms, IBM Watson can prove to be best AI assistant. Likewise, if you manage an ecommerce solution where you need some type of image processing for identification of the products, then Amazon’s ML platform is just the right thing for you.

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