Why a Responsive Web Design is Important for Your Business

Mobile internet surfing and usage has skyrocketed in the past couple of years and has surpassed ground on desktop internet usage. This has led many companies to change the way users are able to view their websites on different devices that they use to access it.

But even with this growing demand and strong proof, many businesses, both small and medium, are struggling and finding ways to make their websites more mobile friendly and to accommodate the ever-increasing wave of mobile visitors. Meanwhile, it has not only created a loss in the business opportunity for many companies but is also causing headaches for users of their website.

This is the reason why you need to have websites that are mobile friendly and ultimately user-friendly as it is crucial for the marketing of your business. This crucial aspect has given rise to what is called the responsive web design. It is a development technique and a web design that has been developed for websites so that they can automatically adjust to any screen size.

It is a system that reacts to the size of the user’s screen depending on the device from which it is being accessed. This new development creates a flexible, friendly, and responsive web page for the users that optimize their browsing experience and provides an optimal viewing experience. The driving force behind this development is the increased use of tech gadgets that are used by people more than desktop computers, as they are more accessible, to access different websites while on the go.

Here are some of the most important reasons why you should also introduce responsive web design to your website while designing and developing it.

Increased use of social media

Because of the increased use of social media and their application available on mobile devices, most of the users use their smartphones to access other websites as well. If your company uses social media platforms and blogging as an important part of their marketing strategy then implementing responsive web design on your website would be beneficial for you. This is because your potential users might land on your site while using a social media platform which you can convert for yourself as an opportunity.

Fast loading speed

Websites that are responsive have a faster loading speed on mobile devices than desktop websites loading on them. If the user or your potential customer has to wait for long then it is likely that they won’t come back and look elsewhere for what they want as users nowadays want to get their information quickly.

Compatible with upcoming versions of mobile devices

For a business with a forward-looking perspective, it is essential that it develops its website on the basis of responsive web design. This design does not only fit the screen size of our current mobile devices and other tech appliances but also has the capacity to fit and accommodate into devices that would be introduced in the future.

Converts one time visitors to regular customers

According to a study by Google 74% of those who visited a mobile-friendly site said they were likely to return to the site in the future and 67% said they were more likely to buy a product or service from a mobile-friendly site.

Bad reputation for sites that are not mobile friendly

Users experience a feeling of frustration when they are not able to use or view the site properly on their mobile devices. This leaves a bad impression on the user which leaves a bad reputation for the company.

If the site is not able to work properly on the smartphones or other devices of the users then a perception that is built in the mind of its users is that the company doesn’t care about their customers and not even about their own business.

Mobile sites outrank static sites

To keep on improving the user experience, search engines have started favoring mobile sites over static sites. This is because they take less loading time and are more user-friendly.

Consolidate your analytics and reporting

You no longer have to track user journeys, redirections, and funnels. With the introduction of responsive web design, a single responsive site with site analytics tools allows you to handle multiple devices at a time. It consolidates all your tracking and responsive reporting into a single report which allows you the ease of monitoring and analysis.

The enhanced offline browsing experience

Offline browsing capabilities mean that sites can be accessed any time you want even when you are on the go. It is possible with the help of HTML5 and as more and more tablets, smartphones, and other tech gadgets become HTML5 enabled and are proliferated in our society then this become important.

All content, including emails, available through hybrid HTML5 web applications will be accessible while on the move even in the absence of internet connection. Here the responsive design would be extremely useful as it would be able to deliver quality content to users across devices all the time.

Help stay ahead of the competition

With the increased demand and need of responsive web design, many businesses have switched from their traditional website design to responsive web design and there are still some who are midway through the process or are thinking about it.

By upgrading to responsive web design for your business website you would be able to have an upper hand or an edge over your competitors as users and potential customers would find scrolling and navigate through your website easier and mobile friendly.

This would increase your chances of turning visitors into your regular customers from the target audience that both you and your competitors have been aiming for.

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