10 Ways to Promote Your Mobile Application

Mobile applications have changed the landscape of mobile devices all over the world. These apps have played a major role in converting a phone into a Smartphone. The demand for mobile applications is still on top and doesn’t look like it is fading away anytime soon. This is the reason why many of the biggest businesses in the world are releasing their apps and also promoting them. So if you are one of those business owners who have developed an app for their business, then you should know all that is to know on how to promote it.

Promoting a mobile app is quite challenging but it is also necessary. One of the main reasons why businesses develop apps is to increase their revenue stream. In order to earn money through a mobile app, you need it to be used by as many people as possible.

Here are 10 ways you can promote your mobile application:

1. Test Your Mobile App (Beta Version)

After developing a mobile application for the first time, many business owners avoid to publish it officially in the beginning. This is because most of them are unsure whether it will work according to the plan or not. To avoid any possible humiliation from the general public, they test out the beta version of the app in order to receive feedback.

Testing a beta version is really important as it filters out all the short-comings of your mobile app. It is really important to include the name ‘Beta’ in your app name so that the people who use it don’t lash out and delete it instantly.

Finding beta testers is a relatively easy task. All you have to do is go to websites such as Reddit, TestFairy, or Killerstartups and release your beta version over there. People on these sites are very helpful, and you can also receive some improvement tips from some of the pros over there as well.

2. Consider A/B Testing

Before you throw your app out there in the market, you need to make sure that you’re offering the same features that your potential customers want and not what you think they want. In order to make sure they don’t mess it up, many businesses perform A/B testing before launching their app in the market.

A/B testing makes sure that whether you are fulfilling the user’s needs or not. Many businesses have reported a significant boost in the user experience after going through A/B testing process.

3. Social Media Marketing

There is no other place on the internet that has a bigger cluster of potential customers than the social media platforms. The immense popularity of social media has made it the biggest space for digital marketing. Things don’t really change when it comes to marketing your newly developed app. However, before promoting your new mobile on social media, figure your target audience out and promote it by using the right hash tags and keywords in order to grab their attention.

4. Consider Paid Advertising

One of the most effective ways to rapidly promote your newly developed app is through paid advertisement. Many search engines and social media platforms offer services of paid promotion in order to facilitate businesses that are looking for a quick way to the top.

Paid promotions are known to be quite effective, and many businesses have benefitted by availing this service. Paid promotions sort out your target audience through their search histories and make sure they see your ads of the new mobile app and hopefully give it a go.

5. Utilize Backlinking

Backlinking is another fairly effective method that you should definitely look into when trying to promote your new mobile app. Backlinking is a way to draw traffic to your webpage through another website. Many businesses also use this technique in order to gain organic traffic to their website. Backlinking the target audience to the app store page will be a really effective trick in order to increase downloads.

6. Keep Your App Free

One of the main marketing techniques to capture the attention of potential customers is by adding the word ‘free’ in your advertisement. The best way to start in the app store with your new app is by offering it for free download. If you think your app is too exclusive to be downloaded for free, then make it premium after some time. But first make it available for free for limited time in order to boost downloads.

7. Build a Network for PR

Everything explained so far in this article won’t be possible if you don’t have a strong PR network by your side. Connect with other business owners who have successfully promoted their new apps. Attend events and ask for favors in the form of backlinks.

8. Build a Kicking Landing Page

Landing page is usually built to attract the potential customers by many website owners. You can also take advantage of the landing page to promote your app. When promoting your new app, design your landing page as an advertisement for your newly launched app. This way the entire traffic landing on the website through backlinks or any other sources will more likely go to the app store page of your mobile app.

9. Encourage Word of Mouth

In today’s digital world, there are many influencers and reviewers with immense following on social media platforms and their personal websites. Ask or pay these influencers to review your app. A positive review from any of these tech reviewers can give a significant boost in the promotion of your mobile app.

10. Use Incentive Referrals

Another brilliant way to promote your new mobile app is by offering incentives to the users in exchange for a referral. Incentives can be a free service or product. For example, if your app is for a restaurant, then you can offer a free food item for every referral. This promotion method has proven to be quite effective for many businesses out there.

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