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About QOR Development

QOR Development is a trusted global outsourcing company focused on providing companies with experienced technology professionals. With access to over 2000 Senior Developers, Data Analysts and QA Engineers we guarantee your project has the experienced full-time technology experts in software engineering needed for success.

Experience and Quality

Our mission is to bring experienced quality outsourced technology resources to companies looking to extend their technology teams. We diligently screen every resource to validate their experience, expertise and quality. We ensure every available technology resource is a high performing IT professional. We follow a transparent hiring process for all our resources by allowing you to review resumes, interview all IT professionals before making your decision to hire. By managing all Human Resource duties we provide a safe and reliable way to augment your IT teams with trusted professionals.

Technology Professionals located closer to you!

Offering a wide range of locations our technology professionals cover every region around the world. We work in North America, Europe, Asia, Central America, South America and Australia to bring experienced technology professionals closer to your business.

How do we qualify the developers

Our internal team evaluates all candidates and qualifies every developer based on their experience, skills, and ability to communicate effectively. The QorDev evaluation process and team is made of IT leaders who have served as executives and hiring managers for positions such as engineering, product development, project management, specializing in IT. Collectively they have hired over 1000 engineers for large to medium size companies in the US.

QorDev follows industry best practices for qualifying all senior level engineers. Below are some of the traits that we look for in a successful developer:

  • Enough experience, this is based on
    • coding skills
    • Technology exposure
    • High pace environment experience
    • Knows the processes and team trust is more important than the deadline
    • Understandings of libraries, is able to change them, or know not to change them
    • Has deep level of understand of several technical tools in their specialty
    • Able to write their own test cases
  • Ability to lead
    • Mentor Junior Engineers
    • Conduct Training
    • Bring in industry standard processes for improving the SDLC
    • Able to review code from other engineers and improve it with confidence
    • Enables other engineers to improve their skills
  • 6+ Years of experience in their core skill
  • Full stack understanding
    • Databases
    • Front-End Development
    • Back-End/ API Development
    • Systems
    • Architecture
  • Ability to work with cloud systems AWS, Azure, Rackspace
  • High problem solving skills
    • Strong debugging skills
  • Experience in technical architecture design and implementation
  • Has plenty of non-core skills exposure, we particularly look for
    • Containers understanding
    • Algorithm expertise
  • Communication
    • Is able to articulate ideas
    • Clearly communicates with team
    • Able to admit when they need help
    • Can see the big picture and communicate it to others
  • Personality
    • Confident in accomplishing difficult tasks
    • Is constantly learning new technology and techniques
    • Is calm under pressure/deadlines/fires – this comes from being exposed to high pressure environments

The final approval always comes from you. Our Customers always have the ability to interview and review the candidate to evaluate skills, communication, and personalities to ensure they are the right fit for your business and existing team.

No-Risk Guarantee

QorDev stands behind their developers, and business clients, by allowing a 2 Week evaluation period for the developer zero risk to your business. Our attention to finding the perfect candidate is the reason we can guarantee quality resources.

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