Ecommerce Platform Customization in Magento

Magento continues to be one of the most popular and richest E-commerce platforms for businesses. It helps E-commerce owners to manage their products and address customer requirements effectively. However, a business cannot fully unlock its maximum potential through a routine Magento installation.

As a result, there is a need for extensions that can equip E-commerce solutions with more advanced and useful features. There is a reason that these extensions are not installed directly into Magento and are instead available online. Each business comes with its own requirements and goals where certain extensions can capture the vision of a business. A Magento’s extension can be seen as a mini solution that entails different features and functionalities for solving individual business concerns.

Language Translator

How global is your E-commerce business? Does your target audience speak language other than English like Spanish, French, German, etc? How do you plan to reach out to these valuable customers?

For communication, the language translator extension can prove useful in the translation of your web store’s text according to a customer’s preferred language. Translation includes website content like product descriptions, customer feedback and landing pages.


Do you monitor your website from the SEO perspective?

Search Engine Optimization helps a business to gain better standing on search engine result pages (SERPs) as compared to its competition. For this purpose, the SEO Hub extension can be used. It can help to:

  • Update meta descriptions with optimization.
  • Configuring headings with the right tags.
  • Manage inbound and outbound links.
  • Place the best keywords in your blogs and website content.


Is your store focused on fashion products and accessories? Are you looking for a theme that can bring a chic and elegant design?

The Ketty theme was designed for fashion businesses. The theme comes with a background video that can present all your business’ major products. Similarly, for the business’ growth on SERPs, the theme comes with a blogging option. For sleek menus, the theme’s megamenu assists to divide all the services and products with clear categorization.

Single Page Checkout

How are your orders processed? In order to utilize the right extension, it is important to view your website from the customer point of view. In some E-commerce stores, a customer has to go through several web pages for a single purchase. As a result, the customer’s enthusiasm is waned due to added complexity as they lose valuable time.

In such situations, an extension like One Page Checkout can prove to be a game changer. The extension can assist in combining processes of several web pages to a single page, thereby saving customer time and reducing complexity. Additionally, the extension comes in with support of payment methods like PayPal, Braintree, etc.


Email marketing is one of the most important components in the toolbox of an E-commerce owner. With Bronto, E-commerce owners can increase their sales through targeted campaigns for marketing. Through Bronto’s email campaigns, potential customers as well as one-time customers can be made permanent with tailored emails. Bronto imports all the E-commerce data like the history of a customer’s interaction and their preferred products so that customers can be divided into clusters. Bronto can also be used for transactional emails, recommendations, promotions, etc.

Sweet Tooth

Loyalty programs are a must-have ingredient in the E-commerce solutions. A loyalty program is created to reward permanent and loyal customers so that they can be encouraged to keep purchasing from the business. This includes discounts and offers for the permanent customers. By using the Sweet Tooth extension, you can develop your own loyalty program.

SLI Learning Search

It is a widely known fact in the E-commerce space that a customer that types information in a search bar is more serious than a customer that is just clicking on the buttons. Therefore, it is necessary that the search functionality on your website is powerful and flexible enough to produce effective results.

Through SLI Learning Search, an E-commerce store’s search bar evolves to use AI. AI ensures the generation of the right results in order to satisfy a customer’s query. Likewise, it also places relatable recommendations for a product. The auto-complete feature can further aid in providing helpful suggestions when customers are unsure about a product’s full name.

Daily Deals

In order to create urgency for a customer, the Daily Deals extension can be quite helpful. The extension lists different types of deals on a daily-basis where a countdown timer presents the customers with a specific time limit under which the product can be purchased at a cheaper price. The extension helps to:

  • Share the most popular deals.
  • Provide a centralized view for all the deals.
  • Adjust the discount price of a deal through percent or fixed discount.
  • Share the details of a deal including the savings.

Live Chat

Often, a customer lands on an E-commerce website but cannot order a product due to lack of information and details. Because of time constraints, the idea to call or email the E-commerce is not desirable. In such cases, a means of communication is required where real time customer support can be guaranteed. For such dilemmas, businesses use an extension of Live Chat. A Live Chat extension helps in real-time interaction with customers so their confusions and queries can be quickly addressed.

Embedded ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP refers to a group of tools that can facilitate different business processes and operations through a unified platform. E-commerce owners can improve their business productivity through the extension of Embedded ERP. The extension helps to:

  • Manage all the stocks and go through the quantity and other product details.
  • Track purchases of all the clients with details including pricing, time, etc.
  • Processing an order including how it can be packaged and delivered to the customer.
  • Track the order lifecycle. Tracking begins from the moment a customer orders a product to its delivery to their homes.
  • To view dashboards where analytics and reporting features can help in businesses analysis.
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