Our Proud Clients

Hotelier Coin

Winner of the 2019 Best Technology Innovation Award, HotelierCoin is a travel reward currency that holds the potential to disrupt the entire travel loyalty industry. HotelierCoin introduces blockchain technology in order to tie together all the individual complex mechanisms of leisure and travel, combining them into one efficient system that rewards much greater than any other loyalty program.

Centerstone Group

Your #1 Timeshare Exit Company. Get rid of your maintenance fees today!

Centerstone Group has developed the most comprehensive timeshare resolution process in the industry. Where other timeshare relief organizations incorporate one path to resolution for their clients, Centerstone has developed a 3-pronged approach to deliver results based on each client’s needs.


MYAVA’s Virtual Dressing Room Experience.

Our goal is to build a new shopping experience so you can be confident about every apparel purchase you make. No more buying multiple sizes or extra items to try on at home. Make the right choice once!

Waitlist Pro

Waitlist Pro will manage and automate your waitlist for your childcare or private school. Auto assign your students based on age and availability in the classroom.

This featured rich application was made from the beginning with your school in mind. Development by real childcare administrators who face the challenges of balancing a waitlist and classroom to student management.



Utudy is a platform where people can connect to share their skills, knowledge, and experience as a freelance instructor. Utudy is beyond the simple video learning. It is done live in a one-on-one setting or in a small group. Where learning can truly be catered to individuals.



BePlayFuel is revolutionizing participation and competition in sports while growing the world’s largest sports social network and ecosystem. Designed to engage all sports at all levels,  our platform transforms how we compete in the digital age, allowing people to compete anywhere, anytime with anyone, and makes every practice session feel like a competition. BePlayFuel will uniquely “video gamify” sports.



LOCOMeX, Inc. is a provider of project economy & supply chain (PES) technology solutions. It offers a comprehensive cloud-based PES platform that connects enterprises/organizations with suppliers globally.



Kutt is a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) sports and social gaming platform that allows friends and strangers to use their knowledge of sports, politics, and pop culture to compete against each other in a variety of competitions.

Stop talking and start competing.

Kutt is the ultimate social gaming platform – a mixture of sports, social media, and competitive fun. Put your money where your mouth is. Join Kutt today.



GMDY is an athlete storytelling platform. Today that means giving athlete’s a platform to bring together their professional and personal brand. GMDY gives athletes the ability to monetize their social capital, measure their true brand influence, AND now tell their stories via unique NFT collections.


Qorbi World

Qorbi World is a free-to-play multi-game ecosystem that is focused on bridging esports style gaming with blockchain game rewards, and NFT in-game assets. Click on Marketplace to purchase your Qorb NFT and get excludive access to Qorbi World



TypeMatch is a dating app that matches you based on compatibility of the 16 personality types. The app includes a personality test, but if you already know your personality you can select it from the list. Show your unique personality by selecting descriptions of your personality type that best suit you. Find better matches and dates by talking to people who naturally connect with and understand you on a deeper level. 


Just Viv

Put your savings on AutoPilot. We’ll find a way to lower your monthly bills or you don’t pay us a penny! It’s that simple. Plus, get even more protection and savings with our Pro Membership.


Find a Rotation

FindARotation is a platform by medical students and physicians for medical students and physicians to connect and schedule their clinical clerkships, observerships, and premed shadowing experiences.


Mana Games

Mana games is a next-generation P2P Esports Challenges & Tournament Platform. Create, compete and Earn.




The data you generate when browsing is valuable. It’s used to better curate content and target ads. At Tegger we believe you own your data and give you control to decide when to share it and get rewards for doing so.


Experia View

Start building your collection of films. Best way to do that is by connecting with other people who love them too. That’s why we’ve created an environment where you can meet like-minded people who can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.