6 basic steps to ensure your mobile App is secure

The modern world has become increasingly dependent on technology. However, as we rely more and more on technology, we have to face its consequences alongside reaping the limitless benefits. Security has become an increasing concern for the most of us. It is an even bigger concern for the software companies and other related service providers.

Mobile security is also another concern on the rise these days. Although it has not been too important in the past, which is because they seldom go wrong due to internal errors e.g., leaving information unencrypted, or external attacks such as hackers attempting to gain access to the data.

In recent times, data breaches have occurred more than ever before. This undermines the effort done by the developer in developing both android and iOS apps. Companies are concerned and keep looking for methods to prevent these breaches, strengthening cyber security and preventing hackers from accessing their systems. If they fail to do so, the hackers would be able to gain access to the critical information such as names, contact information, credit card numbers, etc.

Therefore, like in all other walks of life, prevention is a must in software and mobile applications too. But how can you do that? Let’s look at a few common ways for app developers that can help them minimize the risk of data breaches on their apps.

Multiple Layer of Protection

Most app development companies tend to limit their security protocols to the network side of their apps. However, the vulnerabilities in fact lie in the application’s source code. The applications’ groundwork can end up serving as an platform for data breached resulting from coding errors and testing of code etc.

To overcome this gap and make your app more secure, it is important that you protect your code by encryption from the very beginning. The two common forms of encryption that you can look at are minification and obfuscation. However, implementing these encryptions alone is not enough. You also need to make use of API encryptions in combination with well-supported algorithms.

Another method that you can undertake to protect the application’s code is to run source code scanning on your app’s code, frequently.

App Breach Testing

Your app must be tested to ensure that it is well protected to withstand any attempts to breaches. To reduce its vulnerability to data breaches, you should hire hackers. Tell them to try as many ways they can to attempt surpassing your mobile’s security. While they do that, you can monitor whether your app holds the ability to withstand their attacks or it fails to do so. You can keep your developers updated and alert.

For ensuring the security of the mobile and it apps, you should be able to look in to its security protocols through a hacker’s lens. Doing this you will minimize the risk of attacks and will be closer to successfully making an app that is less vulnerable to data breaches.

Store Minimal Information

It is not only intrusive to ask for too much of the customers’ information, but also, it makes it more difficult for you to manage and ensure its security. It will invite hackers to break in to your systems and steal all of the information.

Hackers want as much information as they can get in a single attempt, so you are inviting them to attack your systems by storing too much information. You can make your app secure by installing lesser customer information in the very first place. Only ask for the information that is absolutely important and nothing more.


To secure your app further, you can add another layer of security by making sure your app can be only logged in using passwords. To strengthen this layer of security you can add inbuilt password strength checker. This verifies how strong your customers’ passwords are. Depending on the criticality of data, you can include requirements for passwords such as inclusion of number, caps, special characters and symbols, etc. the password checker would also check if the password is easily guessable, like the user’s name or his or her phone number.

Again, depending on the criticality of the information you can restrain the users from being able to save their passwords. This would ensure they have to re enter the passwords again every time they log in. although this would make it a little inconvenient for the user, having to enter the information again and again, it will ensure their data is secure in case their device gets stolen or falls into the wrong hands. To do this you can add a feature to automatically log out after a certain time of inactivity.

Another added feature that makes your security tighter is to add multi factor authentication. This works by sending a code via text to the users which they can use to login. Make sure the code is for one-time use and that it expires after a certain time, requiring the users to request for it again.

Detect Jailbroken Devices

Mobile Devices that are rooted or are jail broken have reduced security features. This can lead the mobile device to share the information even when they are not required to. This makes users’ account information highly susceptible. This not only increases information leaks, but also make the devices more vulnerable to malware attacks.

Pirated apps can include patches that infect devices, and gain control over important features of the phone, like SMS and call data. Therefore, it is a necessary security protocol that your app detects jail broken devices and do not install or work on them

Keep Your Customers Aware

If your users are well aware on how they can protect themselves, they can themselves serve as a later of security to help protect their data and themselves. You should educate the users on the security measures that they should undertake and other practices they can follow to keep their activities secure.

To promote awareness on app security amongst them, you can keep sending them regular reminders and tip on how they can stay safe. Provide them with good instructions on use of passwords, how to make them strong, and why they should not be saving their log in data. Also, make sure they log out as soon as they are done using the application.

Additionally you can enable SMS notification on transactions. Provide your users link to the official application on your website or otherwise tell them where they can download them.

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